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Mariah Carey’s former stylist Phillip Bloch opens up about her diva behaviour

10th Nov 16 | Entertainment News

Mariah Carey has been hit by another blow following her split from fiancé James Packer - her former stylist has opened up about her diva behaviour.

Phillip Bloch has lashed out at the singer in a new In Touch magazine expose, claiming Mariah can be very difficult and to deal with.
“She’s a lot to handle,” he tells the publication. “She’s delusional, but that’s OK. It works in her life.”
“She’s like a ride at the amusement park - there’s a lot of turbulence going on there.”
Bloch, who styled Mariah… Read More

Michael Shannon - The Man Behind the Enigma

By: George Wayne.

Michael Shannon defines everything Sir Winston Churchill famously quipped - ‘‘a riddle wrapped in an enigma.” As such, it was my task here to un-wrap this riddle - this notoriously shy, reserved, and rather diffident individual. The passion he portrays on the screen also extends into his personal life as well as a fiercely loyal friend who lends his support for causes close to his heart. Playing the role of Donny in Machine Gun Preacher left an indelible mark on Michael as he has come out to support Sam Childers’ Angels of East Africa charity which continues… Read More

Stylist Phillip Bloch’s late-night confrontation with cops

Stylist-to-the-stars Phillip Bloch had a cop confrontation.

The fashion guru — who has worked with everyone from Michael Jackson to Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez — was in a taxi in Washington Heights on Saturday at 2 a.m. when eight patrol cars surrounded the vehicle.

“They had me put my hands up and started asking me all these questions,” Bloch told me.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how frightening that was, and how aggressive the police were, and it is easy to see how such a simple situation escalates so quickly. If I made one wrong move, I… Read More

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Split: Celebrity Stylist Reveals Why Hiddleswift Ended

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s breakup was bound to happen – it is important to note that their relationship began just two weeks after the singer and ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, announced their split in June.

Celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch, a close friend of Karlie Kloss (Taylor’s best friend) revealed why it comes as no shock that Hiddleswift is over.

Both were always hounded by media and every move of their relationship was always followed so fans voiced out their disapproval of the pair’s relationship.

Phillip shared that there had been predictions that the relationship would not last since Taylor Swift… Read More

YIKES: Stylist Reveals The Real Reason Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift Broke Up BY KARLA RODRIGUEZ

No matter how you felt about Hiddleswift, the short and famous relationship is officially over. And now celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch finally has the answer to the burning question we have all been having, what really happened between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.?

After the couple dated for just a few months, it was revealed that they had gone their separate ways even though they looked SO into each other! The stylist, who is also Karli Kloss’ friend, said in a recent interview with Now magazine a lot of the problems stemmed from all the drama that surrounded the singer.

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