Check Out The Secret Rules Of Melania Trump’s Style

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Before Donald Trump took office, Melania Trump was more at liberty to wear shorter hemlines and lower necklines. But now, that she became a public figure, meeting with world’s greatest leaders made her adopt some more conservative adjustments to her wardrobe.

“I think she’s one of those women who finds a style that works for them and sticks with that. She knows the silhouettes that work for her and the colors she likes,” stated Phillip Bloch, who is a family friend and the former creative style director for the Miss Universe pageant. “She luxuriates in minimalism.”
Black and white dresses

Lady Melania Trump has a thing for neutral colors mainly black and white, and this is excellent, as it’s quite a beautiful palette of colors, according to the fashion consultant Phillip Bloch.

Everything she wears is pretty expensive just like the Dolce & Gabanna lace suit she wore to meet the Pope.

The first lady is always very elegant and chic, and she chooses sophisticated looks.

The accessories
She always spices things up with her accessories, and that is a great way of staying both modern and conservative. She adores statement shoes and belts, and all these create a classy modern look.

Politicians’ pantsuits
The former model doesn’t wear your average jogging pantsuit, but on the other hand, she definitely prefers luxurious fabrics which are not cheap at all.

She wears fashion power suits, and there is quite a masculine tailoring to her clothes. Even when she wears a skirt suit, you’ll be able to see that there is something edgy about her whole look. She always pays lots of attention to fabrication and quality.

Coat dresses
Every time you find yourself in doubt, you should wear a coat dress. It’s up to you if you consider this lazy or a genius style trick.

“You know what I’d love to see: her just lounging,” noted Phillip.
“You rarely see her wearing casual [clothes]. I would just adore to see her in a sweater. I can’t think of her in a sweater or cardigan or a knit.”

Color over prints
For more formal events, we will almost always see a pop of color from the first lady, but it’s unlikely to see printed materials on her.

Phillip believes that Michelle Obama used her fashion style for making a statement, and she supported lots of unknown designers and this was her original thing in fashion.
Melania, on the other hand, is a woman who maintains the same high-fashion aesthetic as always.

“I like that she’s not trying to be not herself because she’s being very true to who she is and that’s a lot to say for someone in her position,” said Philip.

Another interesting aspect about her is the fact that she never wears handbags. Is it because of her deep pockets?

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