Update your wardrobe with A-list stylist Phillip Bloch

What better way to face 2018 than with an updated look?

We’re not talking about an entire closet upheaval! Slight wardrobe tweaks can go a long way.

‘I’ve always said jewelry is the GPS of your look,’ said celeb stylist Phillip Bloch. ‘This year make a statement by taking it to new levels – bigger is better.’

Oversize earrings and necklaces are in this season, but Phillip suggests ‘keeping the outfit more mild than wild..don’t fall victim to the current trend of piling every trend on top of one look.’

Modernize a go-to ensemble with a hat. ‘Raspberry berets and berets of all colors are fashion must-haves for the likes of Bella Hadid and Meghan Markle.’

‘Ditch bejeweled Crocs and Birkenstocks and reach for feminine florals in colors that mimic ‘60s chic.’

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