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Celebrities Who Give As Much As They Get
​July Fourth is a reminder of our forefathers, whose great minds and independent thinking helped build the nation we have today. I wonder what George Washington would have thought of Flava Flav? Would Betsy Ross have blushed at the antics of Lauren Conrad and her crew from "The Hills?" In the past decade, Andy Warhol's theory about everyone getting "15 minutes of fame" has come into play more than ever. But it seems it's not the fame and the 15 minutes that really matter. It's what use those 15 minutes are put toward. Some stars use their platform for nothing… Read More

Sticks and Stones: Are Names Hurting Us?
​Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. But are they hurting us as a nation? While enjoying a walk through picturesque Manhattan last week, I came across a myriad of prejudices that played out on the New York stage of life in one-act vignettes. First, as I left my apartment in da Meatpacking District, I came across two antagonistic gay gentlemen and an irate pedi-cad operator engaged in an argument. As the two gays scurried off in a yellow cab, the pedi-cab driver taunted in true redneck style: "FAGGOTS!!" It rang through my ears… Read More

Do Divas Have Talent or H'wood to Thank?
Every few years, in some serendipitous way, the powers that be (better known as those who control the music biz) align the perfect combination of talent, beauty, charisma and style in a way that seems almost effortless … and a diva is born. Liza Minnelli, Bette Midler, Barbara Streisand: talented performers are born but divas like these are created and the process is anything but effortless. It takes a team of experts getting together to create a strategy. They invest a lot of money and put countless hours into promoting their protégée. In these days of pop culture explosions, it… Read More

Phillip Bloch's Bloch-Buster Awards
​It's no secret that the Oscars are known as the most glamorous event on Hollywood's calendar. Showcasing the best gowns, jewels, and accessories the fashion world has to offer, the event draws all eyes to the red carpet outside the Kodak Theater. But this year, the glamour just wasn't there. Everything about the red carpet was subdued: those going for the gold definitely did not glitter. Although the stars looked beautiful, it was low-voltage across the board. The color of the night was definitely red. Heidi Klum strutted her stuff in a dramatic Galliano gown in lipstick red, with Miley… Read More