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Elements of Style
Like Strunk and White before him, Hollywood stylist Phillip Bloch has precise ideas about the elements of style. Bloch's elements, though, are strictly visual, and he has them down pat. Before many of Tinseltown's biggest stars face the cameras for magazine or publicity shoots, they turn to Bloch to make sure they put their most fashionable foot forward. The book is packed with full-page photos of the stars modeling Bloch's elements of style- satin, jeans, T-shirts, chinoiserie, to name a few. Pop culture consumers will no doubt recognize many of the pictures that are fodder for the pages of Vanity… Read More

The Shopping Diet
"Stop me before I shop again!" When the clothing budget is tight, when you have to squeeze every dollar and stretch it further, it's time to go on The Shopping Diet. But don't worry! This diet won't deprive you of having a fashionable and up-to-date wardrobe in fact, you will find exciting ways to look fantastic, make more of the clothes and accessories you already have, and come out ahead with the one thing that's always in style: more money in your wallet! Whether you're an impulse shopper, whether you shop out of boredom or other emotions, or if "the… Read More

Five Minutes With The President
​Dear Mr. President: May I suggest something quite revolutionary: a commissioner of good taste. Yes, I accept. Compassion is always in good taste, Mr. President, never out of style. It goes well with anything, even the red ties, the white shirt, and the blue suit. That Uncle Sam thing you have going on. Mr. President, I think you will find that while you are being stylish, an icon of good taste, shaking the odd baby and kissing hands or whatever, you can also come into to your own as a real person. That’s what style can do – bring out… Read More

New York Fashion Week
When I was just a little fashionista in the ‘hood I asked my mother “What will I be? Will I be handsome? Will I be rich?” Here’s what she said to me: “Que sera sera, whatever will be will be. The future’s not ours to see…Que sera!” Even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have dreamt how amazing my fashionable life and career would be as I anxiously awaited each month to make my pilgrimage to the corner store for the arrival of the newest magazines. My local 7-11 store was a mecca for style, fashion, glamor and all things… Read More