​DKLA by Phillip Bloch Though I’ll always have a “New York” state of mind, nearly a decade ago, destiny called me to Hollywood. My mission? Get the stars ready for their closeups alongs fashion’s most photographed runway, the red carpet. My lesson for them? Style might be what you make of it- from where you eat to what you drive—but you have to know where to look in order to find it. While other stylists were crowding Saks and Barneys, I put the stars in touch with my 7th Avenue roots and, low and behold, a new gold rush was upon California. A new Hollywood… Read More

Entre Magazine
​RED CARPET FORECAST By Phillip Bloch Star light, star bright, of all the stars I see on the red carpet tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, look glamorous as… If it were that easy, even Cinderella would have looked like a fairy princess right from the start. The truth is, celebrities have teams of professionals costing thousands of dollars to put them together. In the words of Hillary Clinton, “it takes a village” to paint and spackle, push and pull, cut and sew, and, finally, zip. I’ve dressed hundreds of leading ladies for their walk down the red carpet, and a few of… Read More

Ebay March
Claire Danes Downtown Sleek meets Uptown Chic Claire Danes pairs her downtown sleek aqua motor-cross jacket, one of spring’s functional and modern silhouettes, with an ode to old Hollywood: the pencil skirt in beige (spring’s natural neutral). This fusion of decades and styles is fashion’s modern revolution. Notice that the white tee shirt peeking out (as if it’s a cummerbund) matches her casual white carry all bag. As we get to the bottom of this look we realize the pointy toe with a sexy kitten heel is the perfect way to step up her style. Hilary Swank It’s as Easy… Read More